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May 2020


           Tuesday 5th May - Apple release upgraded MacBook Pro

Apple upgraded their MacBook Pro 13” range today. With it they added the new “Magic Keyboard” instead of the “butterfly keyboard”, faster 10th generation Intel processor options (only on the top model or Build to order options), better graphics performance, the option to upgrade to 32GB RAM, and up to 4TB of storage. And all models saw their “base storage” doubled - now starting from 256GB Storage instead of 128GB. Starting price from AUD$1999.

You can read more about it here 

Should I upgrade to macOS Catalina (10.15.x)?

One thing to be aware of is, that Catalina finishes support for 32bit Applications - only 64bit Applications will run. So you need to ensure that all your current Applications will run. Some Applications may need upgrades from the company. For example MYOB have said that currently none of their Apple versions of MYOB will run in Catalina, and at this stage they’re not looking to support 64bit. The Brother Control Centre is another one that hasn’t been upgraded to work in Catalina as well (though you can still scan with Apple’s ImageCapture. But if you rely on these Applications, then it’s a good reason to not upgrade.

If you’re not sure on which Applications are 64bit, you can download a free program to help you check - Go64

My personal opinion with upgrades is “if you’re not sure, just wait”. Nothing worse then rushing in and finding that programs you want to use no longer run and you can’t do your work.

For Apple’s information on Catalina you can read more here - macOS Catalina

For more information you can also read MacRumor’s write up on it as well - MacRumors Catalina

Be aware of scams!

Unfortunately although the internet is a great thing, it’s brought on an increase of Spam and Scams. So how can you ensure your protect yourself? If you receive an email or phone call from someone purporting to be from any organisation (be in Apple, Microsoft, ATO, Banks), never give out your personal details, or passwords. If you have to call them back (even to check), never use the details they give you. Always look up the real number for the organisation - white pages, google the real organisation to get their details. Then check if they did make a call to you. Be aware of pop-ups that advise you your computer is affected, or compromised and you need to call a given number they display. Or they advise you they need to create a remote log in session to help you and show you. Always ensure it’s someone you trust.

For some more helpful information have a look at the following links -


Apple Support Article 


 - Unfortunately with some things on the internet (or email, texts, phone calls) you have to treat them as “guilty until proven innocent”.

Never feel pressured to question things, after all it is your information! If you’re not sure, stop and look into it yourself.



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